Guo Zhantong

In the therapy I provide, I try not to evaluate or judge the client, nor enforce any specific knowledge systems, be it western medicine or Chinese medicine. Instead, I tune into the presence of the client and mindfully follow thei rlead to identify their needs, through their talking, body movements, and energetic reactions. Does the key lie more on the physical or emotional levels, in the present or in the past? How can I best support them, and with which of my building blocks? It reminds me of playing a symphony together with my client. We are led by the client’s embodied intelligence, which I follow and support with my acquired knowledge and intuition. Together we progress towards more health and well-being.

Mindful Accupuncture

Guo Zhantong’s Unique Approach






Mindful Healing

No-needle Energetic Acupuncture

For those who are anxious about needles, and little children who are not yet suitable for acupuncture, no-needle energetic acupuncture is a wonderful solution, which enables them to still be able to profit from the magic of acupuncture.